Dr. Bindi has a particular fondness for treating children! She takes a serious interest in not only acclimating a child to their “dental home”, preventing against cavities, the best dental heath education, and proper hygiene, but also in examining the proper growth and development of a child’s upper and lower jaws

Dr. Bindi has also taken advanced continuing education in airway dentistry, and understands the connection between a child’s crowded teeth, bad bite, and narrow upper and lower jaws, and a not so ideal airway. She is also certified in the cutting edge Myobrace treatment which is a PREVENTATIVE way to straighten teeth without braces, and develop proper breathing habits for kids that they can use their entire lives.

What is the Myobrace Treatment and how does it work ???

Is Your child a candidate for Myobrace??? Look at some of the signs below, and as always, please bring in your child for a free consultation with Dr. Bindi if you are unsure!

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