Teeth Whitening in Naperville, Illinois

A radiant smile can leave a lasting impression. When you feel confident in the beauty of your smile, you’ll never be worried or embarrassed about sharing it with the world.

As the body ages, a once bright and white smile can become yellowed and dull. Tobacco, coffee, wine, and many food substances can cause further staining and discoloration. Over time, this can leave you feeling unhappy with the look of your teeth and lacking the confidence to show off your smile.

Teeth whitening at Pearly Dental is a fast and effective way to enjoy a brighter, whiter smile. With revolutionary Opalescence teeth whitening treatment in Naperville, you can achieve a radiant smile in just an hour.

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To turn back the clock on stained and discolored teeth, get in touch with Pearly Dental today. We provide in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatment that can give you back a youthful smile.

What Is Tooth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth whitening is a way to reduce the prominence of age-related tooth discoloration caused by thinning enamel, and to lower the impact that diet, smoking, illnesses, poor oral care, and medications may have had on tooth color.

Professional teeth whitening treatment can remove/reduce extrinsic stains, which are surface stains on the enamel, and intrinsic stains, which are deeper stains on the dentin. Whitening gel will break down molecules that have become discolored to leave you with lighter teeth and a brighter smile.

Would you like to know more about tooth whitening in Naperville? For more information about any of the cosmetic treatments we provide at Pearly Dental, simply give us a call or request an appointment online and we’ll be happy to help you.

Is Teeth Whitening the Right Treatment for Me?

Professional treatments for teeth whitening are incredibly safe and can deliver amazing results. For most people, tooth whitening in Naperville, IL is the perfect solution for transforming their smile; however, it’s not the best option for everyone.

Dr. Bindi may suggest an alternative treatment or advise that you wait to have your teeth whitened if you’re pregnant, or have:

  • Veneers, fillings, bridges or crowns (these won’t whiten during treatment and may lead to uneven coloring)
  • Gum disease
  • Cavities
  • Eroded enamel
  • Exposed tooth roots

You should always have realistic expectations before tooth whitening treatment, as how well you’ll respond to treatment can depend on different factors, like the kind of staining on your teeth. Before having teeth whitening treatment, it’s always best to consult a dentist to ensure that it’s safe.

Opalescence Boost – Transform Your Smile with In-Office Treatment

Here at Pearly Dental, we use a revolutionary in-office tooth whitening treatment by Opalescence. Opalescence Boost is a unique, chemically activated whitening gel that can transform your smile in a single treatment.

The fluoride and potassium nitrate gel can have a remarkable impact on the appearance of your smile, without the use of lasers, light or heat. The treatment is comfortable and effective – the perfect choice if you have a special day coming up and you want a bright smile to help you celebrate the occasion!

On the day of the treatment, you’ll only need to spend around an hour at Pearly Dental. Dr. Bindi will assess the current color of your teeth and then gently apply the Opalescence Boost gel. The gel has the perfect consistency to stay in place during treatment, ensuring that you get the best possible results.

Opalescence Boost will deliver instantaneous results, so you won’t have to wait to admire your new smile!

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Contact Pearly Dental today to learn more about Opalescence Boost treatment in Naperville, and to book a consultation with Dr. Bindi to discuss the kind of results you can expect and how long your customized treatment session will take.

Get a Brighter Smile at Home with Opalescence Take-Home Gel

Did you know that you can achieve incredible whitening results at home and still enjoy all the benefits of a customized treatment?

Unlike whitening kits that you can purchase from a store, Opalescence take-home whitening gel combines a safe and powerful whitening gel with a customized tray for professional results in your own home.

Opalescence take-home in Naperville is only available from licensed dentists. When you visit Pearly Dental for Opalescence take-home gel, we’ll take a dental impression and create a whitening tray that’ll fit your mouth perfectly – a customized tray is the key to incredible results!

You’ll then be able to choose from five different concentrations of whitening gel and three incredible flavors. The amount of time that you’ll need to wear the tray will depend on the concentration. After a week, you’ll begin to notice the transformation.

Get in touch with Pearly Dental today to discuss your suitability for Opalescence take-home whitening treatment in Naperville, IL.

How Long Do the Results of Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening can leave you with a beautiful, bright smile that can last for a long time, but the result isn’t permanent. The results of tooth whitening can last for anywhere between a few months and a few years.

If you smoke, regularly drink red wine or coffee, or if your diet is heavy in foods that are prone to staining, then the results of tooth whitening treatment won’t last as long. By taking care of your teeth and avoiding substances or habits that can cause staining, you can enjoy whiter teeth for much longer.

You can arrange for regular touch-up treatments at Pearly Dental if you would like to keep your smile close to the perfect shade in the long term. Dr. Bindi will advise you on how often you may require teeth whitening to maintain your smile.

Contact Pearly Dental for Teeth Whitening Treatment in Naperville, IL

Having a radiant smile doesn’t need to be a dream! If you want to impress in an upcoming job interview or just feel more confident in your appearance, then tooth whitening treatment from Pearly Dental is the solution to getting a stunning smile.

Pearly Dental provides the wonderful residents of Naperville, Illinois with an extensive range of transformative cosmetic treatments. From dental veneers and crowns to the best tooth whitening treatment, we’re here to help you fall back in love with your smile.

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