General Dentistry in Naperville, Illinois

For virtually all problems that impact dental health, a general dentist in Naperville is who you need to visit. General dentistry revolves around restoration, prevention, care, and maintenance – everything you need for a healthy smile!

A general dentist in Naperville can diagnose problems, treat an extensive range of conditions, manage your oral health, and give you the very best preventive education to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

General dentistry is a large part of what we do at Pearly Dental. We want your teeth to feel good, look good, and function properly at all times!

At Pearly Dental, you’ll receive personalized dental care that’s tailored towards the betterment of your oral health. Through regular dental examinations, we’ll aim to catch problems early and help you stay on top of oral hygiene to keep your smile looking beautiful!

Our Main General Dentistry Services in Naperville

Preventive maintenance is one of the main reasons to visit a general dentist – preventive and diagnostic services actually make up around two thirds of dental procedures in America!

As a primary dental care provider, a general dentist will do everything possible to help you keep your teeth clean, your gums free from disease, and your mouth functioning properly.

All our services are tailored towards restoring and maintaining excellent dental health. You can visit Pearly Dental for regular checkups, advice on preventive care, dental cleaning, and:

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a specially made ‘cap’ that’s used to completely cover a damaged or weakened tooth, helping to protect and support it. Crowns can also be used for aesthetic purposes, such as to cover discolored teeth or to hide fillings.

The crowns are held in position using a dental cement; once bonded with a tooth, crowns can last for up to 15 years. Porcelain, ceramic, glass and metal are common materials used to make crowns.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are one of the most effective general dentistry treatments in Naperville, Illinois to restore your smile after losing one or more teeth. A bridge, as the name suggests, bridges the gap left after tooth loss to improve your bite, allow you to eat and speak normally, and protect the position of your remaining teeth.

Two or more connected crowns and a false tooth (pontic) are used to create a dental bridge. The crowns are placed on the abutment teeth either side of the gap, leaving the false tooth perfectly positioned in between. A dental bridge can be made from many different types of material, including porcelain, metal, resin and ceramic.

White Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a great treatment for restoring the shape and function of a tooth that’s been damaged by decay. We fill every cavity using a very durable composite resin material that’s capable of forming a strong bond with the tooth. This material is a safer, healthier and more natural-looking alternative to traditional fillings made from silver amalgam.

Gum Disease

At Pearly Dental, we know how important it is to keep gums, bone, and teeth as healthy as possible, especially when a patient has gum disease. Good oral hygiene is one of the most effective treatments for gum disease!

We provide many advanced procedures for treating gum disease, including laser therapy, which can remove hard-to-reach bacteria in the periodontal pockets. Our highly skilled hygienist can also eliminate calculus and plaque to help ease inflammation. With professional treatment for gum disease, periodontal surgery isn’t always required.


An Invisalign system is one of the best dental treatments in Naperville, IL for straighter teeth. The system exclusively straightens the teeth that are visible when you smile, in a process that takes just 3 to 6 months.

Over the course of the treatment, you’ll receive a series of retainers that’ll gradually improve the position of your teeth until you’re happy with the results. Invisalign are discreet, comfortable, and perfect for adults and students!

Get in Touch with Pearly Dental for General Dentistry in Naperville, IL

The dental services at Pearly Dental extend to a vast range of cosmetic treatments, including veneers and teeth whitening, and specialist treatments for the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest.

With our incredible restorative and cosmetic procedures, and our dedication to preventive care and education, your oral health is in the best possible hands at Pearly Dental.

At Pearly Dental, we believe that prevention in absolutely every form is of the utmost importance. When you visit Pearly Dental, you’ll benefit from high-tech equipment and the exceptional skills of Dr. Bindi. We also provide complimentary spa-like amenities to make your experience even more comfortable.

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